Lessons from Calvin Coolidge for President Obama

From CSPAN’s video library: Economic experts, including Roger Brinner, talked about lessons from the Calvin Coolidge administration for President Obama. Among the issues they discussed were the middle class, tax policy, the budget deficit, the European debt crisis, and farm subsidies. They also responded to questions from the audience.

See the video on CSPAN.

Global Economic Situation and Forecast, June 2012

Pessimism is gaining the upper hand over optimism, but Parthenon analysis still points to tepid, positive growth in the U.S. and a modestly rising unemployment rate this year:

  • The European financial crisis has become more worrisome
  • U.S. economic data confirms a substantial housing rebound now occurring
  • The Democrat/Republican extreme partisan gridlock continues to preclude even the passage of a current year federal budget, much less a blueprint for long-term budget balance
  • Financial markets are continuing to react systematically, adversely to higher risk and slower growth, with equities nervous, the dollar strong, and commodity prices weakening

Download the Parthenon Perspective Update On The Global Market Outlook June 2012 for further detail on the following relevant subject matter:

  • Parthenon’s Forecast and Updates Since March
  • Key Economic Factors in Europe
  • Key Economic Factors in U.S.
  • Overview of Global Stock Market Response
  • Summary – The Economic Challenge: Coping with Global Deficit Reduction